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YOUNGOR is the menswear brand under the Youngor Group. For more than 30 years, it has been committed to high quality of clothing and functional innovation, constantly enriching and deepening the inherent cultural root of the brand, and built an important place of YOUNOR brand apparel in Chinese men's wear field. YOUNGOR implies youth and vitality, and the YOUNGOR brand apparel is based on the mainstream image in the process of economic and social development. It creates a masculine, healthy and elegant personal image, which represents a healthy attitude. As a leader of heritage, it always persists on the principle of quality first, and renders fashionable and elegant style for everyone to radiate charm in all aspects of life. YOUNGOR brand apparel integrates the elegant, modest and classical aesthetics of urban elites into fashion designs. In the trend of globalization, it provides classical and fashionable apparel for city elites with self-confidence and ambition for achievements. The three collections of leading products of Youngor apparel are executive, business and leisure. They are designed for elite men aged 30-45, products including shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, ties and T-shirts. The brand features qualities of maturity, confidence, classicality and refinements, with its main product shirt as the first national export inspection-free product in the national shirt industry.