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CEO is man's shirt brand under the Youngor Group. It originated from Hong Kong with a full name as “Chief Executive Officer”, which is an original brand of Hong Kong Xinma Co., Ltd.

In 1990, the CEO was founded by Hong Kong Xinma Company, a subsidiary of KELLWOOD COMPANY, a US listed company. In 1994, it entered the Chinese market. In 2008, it  became a subsidiary of Youngor with the acquisition of Hong Kong Xinma Co., Ltd.

The CEO is a brand created for intellectual business elites, exemplifying the essence of British style fashion. The product design comes from Italy, emphasizing the concept of nature, comfort and health. The leading products are from the shirt collection, made with high-grade raw cotton fabrics and exquisite sewing process. They are comfortable to wear and easy to care, and can fully meet dressing needs of business elitesduring travel, business, socializing and family time.