Smart Marketing

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3D measuring

The 3D measuring project is one of the important means of Youngor's smart marketing. The company will jointly develop human body scanning equipment with Sant Technology from the beginning of this year. At present, the Youngor 3D measuring scanner has been developed, with scanning accuracy of the scanner less than 1cm (hardware error 0.1cm). In combination with artificial intelligence, it studies the grading allowance of the Hong Bang Tailors. The measurement results are directly transferred to the factory, with an accuracy higher than other devices on the market. 

C2M customization service

C2M is the abbreviation of Customer-to-Manufactory, and its Chinese abbreviation is ‘ ke dui chang’. In the context of "Industrial Internet", Youngor Smart Marketing has redefined itself to achieve two linkages, namely online promotion and offline experience, online sales and offline services. At present, CEO has launched C2M customization service, which enables online promotion, offline experience, professional customization, and home delivery.

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