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Group Overview

Founded in 1979, and located in Ningbo Zhejiang, Youngor is the leading enterprise of the national textile and apparel industry. By the end of 2022, the total asset of Youngor was 97.4 billion yuan, and the net asset was 41.8 billion yuan. The sales revenue was 171.5 billion yuan in 2022, and the total profit was 6.2 billion yuan while 3.4 billion yuan was paid as taxes. Youngor ranks No.46 of the China’s top 500 private enterprise. The company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on November 19, 1998, stock code: 600177, stock short name: Youngor.


After 45 years’ development, Youngor has grown up to be a comprehensive international conglomerate, who keeps brand development as the central task and is based on development of diversification and specialization. It has seven holding companies, including clothing holding, clothing manufacture technology, textile holding, real estate holding, health and tourism holding, financial holding and China-Base Ningbo Group.


Over the past 45 years, Youngor has always been taking building an international brand as the foundation of its business development, and Youngor has become the industry leader of high-end brand apparel rely on transformation upgrade、scientific and technological innovation, forge ahead. And the brand value of Youngor is nearly 37.5 billion yuan.

Youngor is the main brand of company and continues to maintain the leading position in the field of domestic men’s brand, While MAYOR, Hart Marx, HANP,UNDEFEATED and HELLY HANSEN have been formed as the extension of the main brand in this diversified branding system. The company has established strategic partnership with five leading international fabric suppliers,LORO PIANA、CERRUTI 1881、ALUMO and ALBINI…… and released the proposal of building global fashion ecosystem together with them, for jointly establishing a brand “MAYOR”. The domestic high-end brand for men’s clothing, MAYOR is built by using supreme material, technology and being cost effective.

Youngor is building an intelligent manufacturing delicate factory in China with garden-style production environment, user-friendly management, intelligent assembly line and information transparency with the concept of standardization, automation, information and intelligence. And we will contribute to the construction of Youngor intelligent marketing through the poweful brand, competitive cost, comfortable marketing platform, rapid response logistic system and high-tech marketing tools.


Youngor is one of the earliest private enterprises who enter the field of Chinese real-estate market development. The Company has always been sticking to the ideal of the brand which is “the quality real estate pioneer” since 1992, and now has developed to be the outstanding real-estate development corporation in Yangtze River Delta, whose projects are developed in Ningbo, Shanghai, Suzhou and other major cities.


Youngor is also one of China’s earlier private enterprises who enter the field of specialized financial investment. The company aims at establishing a financial holding group, and gradually forms on strategic investment, supplemented by financial investment. Through acquisitions and mergers, the company will continuously improve the layout of the investment industry and find new breakthroughs.


In the future, The Youngor Group will continue adhering to the business vision of “creating an international brand, operating a centurial enterprise”. The company will inherit the corporation culture of “integrity, result-orientation, responsibility, diligence, harmony, and inclusiveness,” and strive to achieve the goal of “A world-class fashion group” within 30 years’ efforts.

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